Bringing art to your world:

Creative and fun activities get collaborators in touch with capabilities that usually lie dormant in their usual environment.

Through this inspiring hands-on team-building workshop, every participant will awaken the ability to get access to their artistic potential and the understanding that you don't have to search far for creativity: it is always available right there where you are.

Souvenir artwork(s) to bring back after the event based on the activity you did: these will capture the motivation of the group keeping it alive long after the event and decorate your office.

BO Paintings offer:

The activity will be defined upon your request (duration, location, budget, preferences). In all cases, the workshop is coordinated by a professional artist who teaches a technique that allows everyone, even the least skilled with their hands, to find pleasure in this activity. Different workshops options are possible (depending on the group size, the time and the budget available):

•   Collective artwork: The group (or sub-groups) brings the passion together in an exciting unique modern piece of art through a process easing the collaboration and the creativity. Participants are focused on a theme (company logo/ image/value/ business goals/ new business development ideas/… tbd beforehand).

•   Individual artwork: A process enables every participant to feel in the shoes of an artist. Fresh view by thinking outside the box is reinforced. Professional artist(s) are on hand to assist in the design and coaching of participants.

•   Painting: Sensory experience of delving into the world of colors, blending, textures and artistic techniques.

•   Photo shooting: Lights, cameras action!! Participants will learn the basics of the digital photography through a studio-based experience. This workshop will capture more than pictures alone, it will capture the hearts and minds of the participants and result in nice pictures that can decorate your office.

•   Sculpture: Step into the world of professional sculptor and realize how it requires everyone to complete a 3D artwork. You can create one big piece as a teamwork or work on an individual piece and express your inner artist in it.

•   Up-cycling: Discover artistic techniques of creating things out of trash!
Let your Creativity Guide you into making something Beautiful while actively Loving your Planet!

Relax, laugh, get involved – and create, bringing up creative thinking and sustainable inspiration!
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