Bringing art to your world:

A nice and changing environment will please your collaborators and visitors but also stimulates their creativity and brings innovation!

Art contributes to the development of people within organizations. Art is an invitation to have a conversation. It is a potent catalyst for a deeper inquiry into business issues, fostering an appreciation for diverse and pluralistic points of view.

As the popular saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. As well as providing a nice environment to collaborators and visitors, artwork can enhance and help to communicate your brand values, bring life to dead spaces, invigorate colleagues as well as define specific areas.

BO Paintings offer:

A large portfolio of original photographers’ works printed on modern support (plexi, aluminium, …) is at your disposal. Renting paintings or sculptures is also possible but BO Paintings renting services mainly focus on photography. An artwork brings a room to life and creates a talking point. We propose high quality photographic prints in limited and numbered series provided with a certificate of authenticity.

BO Paintings offers a personalized service that fits the image of the company, its objectives and constraints, offering an all-in service (incl. artworks selection, transport, installation, rotation, …) for a fixed monthly fee.

The advantages of art renting are numerous: the possibility of works rotation, a small rent to pay each month, deductible investment, it is also a way of ' sustainable consumption ' that recycles the works once they have been 'seen too much ' in one place.
At the same time, you will support artists as BO Paintings takes care of properly remunerating the artworks’ authors. Art rental is a great way to demonstrate support and commitment to the artistic community.
Last but not least, our custom all-in services make the selection and installation process easy and stress-free for you.

Renting art is the easiest and most efficient way to transform dull uninspiring walls into a welcoming and creative environment. Whether your office is big or small, we can make you a customized proposal to enhance your workplace.